Built by truckers, for truckers!

HWY Pro is built for the Owner Operator. Our entire mission is to make life easier for you. Everything we do is so you can get out there and do what you do best. Just Drive!

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Smart Loads Just For You

Do you want to see how many loads are near your starting point? We have you covered with our smart loads. You can see all the details of the each load including the trailer needed, size of the load, distance, rate, and much more. This allows you to be more strategic as you map out your trips and to not be surprised by anything.

Trip Planner

With HWY Pro, you can plot out your entire trip before you even start the truck. We have you covered with everything you need to find the best-paying loads! You’ll be able to plan everything out before you even set out on the open road. Knowing where you’re going and what loads you’ll be hauling is exactly what you have been looking for!

Dispatched & Negotiated For You

With HWY Pro, you no longer have to worry about negotiating with dispatchers to get the best rate for the load. All of the leg work will be done by our experienced dispatchers with your wallet in mind. We’ll even handle the tracking of the load so that you can focus on what you are best at, driving!

Smart Notifications

Everything that you need when you need it! We’ll make sure that as you drive across the country, you know when your money is being deposited into your account, what loads are nearby, and what is next on your trip.

  • Direct Deposit
  • Loads Matched
  • Insights Engine

Built for Wherever You Are

You won’t be low on options for compatible devices to use Hwy Pro. Don’t worry we have you covered! Our app works on all smart devices and computers. You will be able to get to it no matter where you are or what device you have with you.